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A One-Hour Workout Plan

                                When you only have time for a one-hour workout, your game plan needs to be all about efficiency and effectiveness, especially if losing weight is a priority. In addition to weight loss, making time for an hour of working out at least five days a week can improve your cardiovascular health, increase bone and muscle strength, improve your mood and help reduce your risk of certain health conditions.

The effects of Exercise are, both, on the physical and mental level:

Physical level

An improved blood circulation

A stronger immune system

Improved cardiovascular system, lymph system &respiratory system

Less fatigue

Balanced cholesterol level

Mental level

A peaceful mind complements a healthy body. Exercise releases the toxins that get accumulated in the cells of our body due to everyday stress. This makes the mind more calm and peaceful.

By regular workout, you also start to burn unnecessary fat, so your cholesterol level is balanced. Another beautiful thing about the working out is the feeling of freedom you get in the body and the mind as you become more centered, strong and flexible.

Get fit in 3 steps

1. Define Your Goals

You must have a clear vision of your goals, whether you want to get diced to the bone or add lean muscle. Often you’ll find it’s easy to get stuck between two goals and fail to make any progress, so your accountability suffers because you’re not seeing any changes taking place. Write down your goals and commit to them.

2. Set a Time Frame

Knowing how long you have to achieve your goals will dictate how you go about achieving them. Be certain that your goals are realistic within the time scale opens a New Window. you have set. For instance, dropping from 15% body fat to 5% in six weeks isn’t going to happen for most people. If you give yourself unrealistic goals, you will struggle to remain consistent and accountable because you’ll be disheartened.